NetFu Systems is the solution to your IT management and support problems.  Regular maintenance of your computers, servers, and networks by our experts with years of real-world corporate tech experience is proven to keep your business up and running.  We can protect, augment, or build new systems as necessary to keep you focused on your business.

Our commitment to your business systems doesn’t stop at our Service Level Agreement like other IT companies.  We reach beyond the typical tech support role to establish real human relationships with our customers that most “geek-team” tech companies cannot match.

We can take charge of all or part of the computer support needs of your business. The range of tech services we offer extends from internal enterprise application services (CRM, ERP, Procurement, and SCM), to public-facing web development and SEO solutions.  Our services are always driven by the goals of your business:


Proactive IT Support and Maintenance

NetFu Systems offers proactive server and desktop maintenance as a part of our IT support services.  Through a secure connection we are able to proactively update, backup, and manage all your systems.  This allows us to monitor and fix problems before they occur.  If a problem does occur, our team can quickly find issues and fix them before they become larger problems.  You can rest assured knowing your business IT systems and vital company data are being protected 24x7.


Remote and On-Site Support

When issues arise, you can lose valuable time and money waiting for computers, servers and other hardware to be fixed. But with NetFu remote server and desktop support we can fix most problems remotely often while you're on the phone. Simply call us and we can quickly log in and fix the issue you have, without the time, expense and hassle of having to wait for a support person to arrive.  When issues cannot be fixed remotely or you just need computer help in person, we also offer on-site support. With NetFu you get the rare option of a real human being who can understand your business needs and priorities one-on-one.


24x7 Remote Monitoring

NetFu Systems has fully staffed global Network Operations Centers that monitor, troubleshoot, and escalates alerts on any problems that may occur in your networks.  Through our remote monitoring services, every aspect of your network and servers is monitored and issues can be tracked down and fixed remotely before you’re even aware of it.  Rest easy knowing highly trained engineers using world-class tools are monitoring your networks and servers 24x7 so you can focus on your business.

Strategic Planning

NetFu Systems, unlike most IT companies, offers your business the experience of executives with decades of experience.  Whether planning IT projects, coordinating resources for break-neck growth, or managing IT migrations during mergers and acquisitions you can be assured we’ve done it before.  When your business is facing IT challenges you’ve never seen before, we’ll be there to guide you through to the best possible results.

Software Development and Testing

NetFu Systems has a proven track record in software development. To address a wide variety of complex organizational problems, we have evolved a unique set of methodologies for developing and implementing applications. Our application services deliver IT-enabled business solutions to help you derive maximum value from IT spending.  NetFu testing services provide a level of confidence in the software ensuring that the software has an acceptable defect rate and high quality. It is an integral and critical phase of software development projects. Onsite and offshore software testing services help you to build reliable, secure, and user-friendly software products. We combine extensive experience and sophisticated tools for performing comprehensive software testing.


You have a real job to get done.  Wasting lots of time trying to fix other problems isn't helping.  You could guess all day, but odds are that won't fix the problems.

Guessing won't:

  • fix your servers or computers
  • make your network faster
  • recover your critical data