Got outdated, slow, legacy servers?  Speed them up and cut costs by moving to the private or public cloud!  Starting at $33.

The NetFu public cloud utilizes Fortune 100 infrastructure for small business needs.  You can choose from locations in the Sillicon Valley, Arizona, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Jersey. Critical servers can be kept safe in the midwest cloud while high volume servers run in the Silicon Valley cloud.  Each cloud location is kept private from other company clouds.  VPN tunnels connect your secure public cloud locations with your office’s secure private cloud.

We’ll design the hybrid cloud that is best for your business.  That may be a private cloud with legacy servers, a public cloud with new and legacy servers plus virtual desktops for your employees, or something inbetween. Most small business servers only utilize about 10-15% of their resources while wasting the rest, regardless of actual needs.  Hybrid clouds allow maximum utilization at minimum cost.

Why choose NetFu for your cloud?

  • Premium public cloud performance and security
  • Choose from public cloud locations across the USA
  • Private cloud designed for small business and customized for yours
  • Hybrid cloud designs save 50-90% in costs and maximize performance

NetFu Managed Services provides infrastructure hosting and outsourcing to:

  • Align IT services with business strategy
  • Manage IT changes with operational excellence
  • Reduce cost and complexity in your IT environment

On average, our cloud solutions:

  • reduce future new server costs by 40-70%
  • reduce ongoing server energy costs by 70-100%
  • reduce server deployment time by 70-90%

We help you realize these benefits while you maintain hosting or outsourcing flexibility, choice, and control. 


Get into the cloud using the same infrastructure battle-tested by over 500,000 companies like yours.