You know offices are targets for theft.  Do you really think your network and servers aren't targets for hackers?

Businesses like yours admit that:

  • 85% of servers and network equipment get hacked
  • 75% of businesses leave customer data unsecured
  • lawsuits resulting from IT security breaches cost billions of dollars every year

NetFu Systems offers full-service Enterprise Security Services with experienced security consultants and engineers providing world-class solutions in security assessment, security solutions, and managed security services. Our goal is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our customers' mission-critical information assets by leveraging on our real-world experience.

We can help you prevent loss of brand and reputation by proactively assessing your systems for security flaws and fixing them. We can also help you lower the risk of hackers breaching your networks by periodically performing a vulnerability assessment of your perimeter network. This will help identify and mitigate the vulnerabilities before hackers can exploit them. This in turn will help prevent loss of business revenue and also lower your legal costs. We can help you lower the risk of losing your intellectual property and sensitive customer data to internal employees and contractors by periodically carrying out an internal vulnerability assessment.


Identity & Access Management Solutions

NetFu knowledge and technology expertise makes us perfectly balanced to offer the complete range of Identity Management solutions.

  • Unbiased evaluation for new deployments

    • Map business requirements to suite features
    • Design and develop proof-of-concept
    • Design and build-out of test environment
    • Determine evaluation criteria
    • Develop gap analysis and feasibility studies
    • Perform technical and architectural reviews
    • Create effort estimates
    • Design documentation
  • Existing Deployments

    • Perform gap analysis and feasibility
    • Deliver maintenance and support
    • Migration from existing IdM product
  • Scalability and Performance testing with recommendations


Risk & Compliance Strategy

We focus on evaluating your current security setup & then providing you with the best solution that could add value and optimize it. The audit will provide you with a quick insight into how vulnerable your Intranet/Extranet is to threats using the latest techniques.


Security Audit Solutions

NetFu can walk you through recommended improvements that will cover most of your compliance requirements. We’ll help you with risk analysis, project management, quality assurance and knowledge transfer so you can grow your business with confidence. You can benefit from our experience in identifying and mitigating compliance risk.


Enterprise Directory Services

  • Enterprise LDAP Directory

    • A specialized database that consolidates information about users and resources in a standardized schema (Inet-org) and makes it available through a standardized messaging protocol – LDAP
    • Enterprise LDAP directory can be leveraged by off-the-shelf solutions around Portals, ERP systems etc.
  • Enterprise Meta Directory Services

    • A relatively new concept that allows exposing data stores in various relational and legacy credential stores through the standardized LDAP protocol.
    • It avoids the problems usually associated with synchronizing scattered information into a central LDAP repository through a meta-directory strategy.
  • Virtual Directory Services

    • Any large organization will inevitably end-up with multiple user-repositories, directories and backend credential stores (RACF, AC2F etc.)
    • Meta-Directory services consolidates and synchronizes information across these disjointed data-stores.


SSO Services

NetFu Single-Sign-On services provide the ability for an end-user to authenticate once and traverse various web-applications and server boundaries without having to identity themselves again.  NetFu Single-Sign-on services allow a user’s identity not only to cross applications within the same company but to cross enterprise boundaries.


Credential Management

NetFu can work with your company to develop the right infrastructure strategy to minimize the number of places a user’s logon credential needs to be stored. NetFu Credential Management is designed to implement the right tool to enable you to keep the user's profile in sync across repositories.